Things to Consider when Curling Your Eyelash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular in the beauty industry. Of course, there is a reason for this. They provide you with a volumized appearance that makes your eyes look brighter and bigger.  

Eyelash extensions improve your natural beauty and can help you save time on doing your daily makeup routine. They are also made to hold a natural curl. However, there are times when your eyelash extensions lose their curl. If this happens, should you curl them?  

Before you visit a Lashbox LA beauty salon Portland OR for an eyelash extension refill, here are several things you should know about curling your extensions: 

Why Do Lash Extensions Lose Their Curl? 

To ensure your lash extensions last long, it’s vital to maintain them properly. Your lash extensions are made to last at least 30 days. However, it all depends on how you maintain them. There are a lot of reasons why your eyelash extensions lose their curl. Here are some of them: 

Lack of Cleaning 

To prevent the accumulation of germ, you need to wash and clean your lash extensions every day. If you fail to clean your extensions, it can lead to oil and dirt accumulating. This is particularly true if you regularly wear makeup.  

Once dirt accumulates, it can cause clumping that will affect the curl of your eyelashes.  

Sleeping Habits 

You are damaging your lashes if you sleep face-down. Thus, consider getting in the habit of sleeping on your back to keep your lashes looking good for a longer period.  

Also, pillowcases made from polyester, linen, or cotton aren’t lash-friendly. Because of this, professionals recommend you use non-abrasive surfaces. This includes satin or silk.  


For those who don’t know, your eyelash extensions are extremely fragile. Heat can easily damage them. Excess heat can cause the lashes’ synthetic fiber to lose its original shape.  

In addition to that, you’re also damaging your eyelashes if you constantly expose them to indirect heat. Keep the heat away from your eyelash extensions when blow-drying your hair. Saunas or hot baths can lead to adverse effects as well. 


If your eyelash extensions are made of mink fur, you should expect them to lose their shape quicker compared to lashes made of synthetic PBT.  

Mink lashes aren’t water-proof. Whenever they come into contact with water, they tend to straighten.  

Can You Curl Your Extensions? 

Unfortunately, a lot of professionals do not recommend curling your eyelash extensions. The reason for this is that they are typically made from a material called PBT. It is a synthetic fiber that is manufactured using unique tools to produce a permanent curl.  

Re-curling your extensions on your own isn’t a simple job. This is particularly true if the technicians install eyelash extensions to your natural lashes.  

Keep in mind that your natural lashes are extremely fragile. If you curl them together with the eyelash extensions, you are running the risk of damaging them.  

Because of this, it’s always ideal to visit a professional eyelash salon to see if they can re-curl your eyelash extensions.