Things to Consider when Curling Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular in the beauty industry. Of course, there is a reason for this. They provide you with a volumized appearance that makes your eyes look brighter and bigger.  

Eyelash extensions improve your natural beauty and can help you save time on doing your daily makeup routine. They are also made to hold a natural curl. However, there are times when your eyelash extensions lose their curl. If this happens, should you curl them?  

Before you visit a Lashbox LA beauty salon Portland OR for an eyelash extension refill, here are several things you should know about curling your extensions: 

Why Do Lash Extensions Lose Their Curl? 

To ensure your lash extensions last long, it’s vital to maintain them properly. Your lash extensions are made to last at least 30 days. However, it all depends on how you maintain them. There are a lot of reasons why your eyelash extensions lose their curl. Here are some of them: 

Lack of Cleaning 

To prevent the accumulation of germ, you need to wash and clean your lash extensions every day. If you fail to clean your extensions, it can lead to oil and dirt accumulating. This is particularly true if you regularly wear makeup.  

Once dirt accumulates, it can cause clumping that will affect the curl of your eyelashes.  

Sleeping Habits 

You are damaging your lashes if you sleep face-down. Thus, consider getting in the habit of sleeping on your back to keep your lashes looking good for a longer period.  

Also, pillowcases made from polyester, linen, or cotton aren’t lash-friendly. Because of this, professionals recommend you use non-abrasive surfaces. This includes satin or silk.  


For those who don’t know, your eyelash extensions are extremely fragile. Heat can easily damage them. Excess heat can cause the lashes’ synthetic fiber to lose its original shape.  

In addition to that, you’re also damaging your eyelashes if you constantly expose them to indirect heat. Keep the heat away from your eyelash extensions when blow-drying your hair. Saunas or hot baths can lead to adverse effects as well. 


If your eyelash extensions are made of mink fur, you should expect them to lose their shape quicker compared to lashes made of synthetic PBT.  

Mink lashes aren’t water-proof. Whenever they come into contact with water, they tend to straighten.  

Can You Curl Your Extensions? 

Unfortunately, a lot of professionals do not recommend curling your eyelash extensions. The reason for this is that they are typically made from a material called PBT. It is a synthetic fiber that is manufactured using unique tools to produce a permanent curl.  

Re-curling your extensions on your own isn’t a simple job. This is particularly true if the technicians install eyelash extensions to your natural lashes.  

Keep in mind that your natural lashes are extremely fragile. If you curl them together with the eyelash extensions, you are running the risk of damaging them.  

Because of this, it’s always ideal to visit a professional eyelash salon to see if they can re-curl your eyelash extensions.  

Advertising Your Beaty Place and Salon

If you want to be successful with your business, you should know how to advertise it. There are some people that they can start a business, but they lack advertisements. It means that people wouldn’t still learn something about your business and they won’t mind trying your services. If you own such a company or a business, one of the essential recommendations they can always give is to advertise no matter what kind of advertisement you are thinking about now. You can get some ideas from watching television shows. 

It is part of your journey to make mistakes and learn from the mistakes you’ve made. It is great to always have an open mind to recreate what you have started and try to push yourself to advertise more. There are many ways you can do to be more efficient, and since we are living in the modern industry now, it can be effortless for you to post something on your Facebook or social media accounts. There are different marketing pointers and strategies that you can give a try. You can use this one to promote your products and even the services you want to enable. 

Others would like to spend some money when it comes to establishing their advertisements. That means you need to have a specific amount of money or budget. You can think of having it on TV or radio. Some people are very contented having their advertisements in newspapers. You have to be more efficient in that you are going to get the crowd’s attention, especially the younger generation. If you can do this one smoothly, you will be able to get more income. 

You have to know the kind of customer that you want to increase. Here it means that you already have an image, what to cater to and who will be your ambassador. You can get a famous person or personality so that they can help you to advertise your services. Others are doing this even the price or rate of the celebrity is high. They always believe that celebrities can attract clients to help boost their businesses. It depends on how you’re going to manage your social media accounts to get the attention of the local people. 

You have to be clear in specific when it comes to the services you will advertise. It should be something that everyone in there can enjoy, and the price is reasonable for them to afford. It is okay if you are already a famous person because most of your clients wouldn’t mind the rate you give them. You can also start designing your logo or even the ads you are planning to use. Make sure that it’s going to be catchy and easy to remember. Think deeply about the Portland Oregon beauty expert services. 

There are different ways to promote your salon by asking your friends. You can give them some discounts if they advertise the salon on their social media accounts. You have to be consistent about what you are doing, especially with the services and its result. 

Tips to Have an Effective Home Renovation or Extension

There are a lot of reasons to think about a renovation or extension. You may have a house you like. However, it no longer fits your lifestyle or your family. Perhaps you need some additional space since your family is growing. Or maybe your kids have left you with a huge and empty house. Perhaps you’ve got a new house that requires a bit of adjustment to make it ideal for you.  

Home extension and renovation is an inexpensive way to get into a bigger house or create your dream house. Of course, you’ll want to educate yourself if you’re planning for a home renovation or house extensions Manchester. Here are a couple of tips you can follow to have an effective home extension or renovation:  

Choose Your Materials Beforehand  

It will be a lot better if you choose your materials as early as possible. Before the project starts, you should pick everything out, from flooring to appliances to tile. You can get an enjoyable renovation experience, a more reliable schedule, and a tighter budget if you finalize your materials as early as possible.  

The lead time might cause the materials to be delivered after they’re needed if selections are made too late. This will delay the project. Also, you might have to rework a location to accommodate something different from the plan. The subcontractors and builders can plan ahead and streamline portions of the project if they’ve already got the materials in hand instead of guessing whether something will fit.   

Establish a Realistic Budget  

You can ask your renovator or builder to establish a realistic budget for your project. You should be clear that you don’t like any budget busts or holes. This is particularly true if you are getting bids from a couple of builders. Be wary of the builder you may be low-balling upfront only to increase the price later on. For you to check how comprehensive they are in building your budget, you have to know their estimating process. Build clear expectations. Also, you’ve got to ensure you can rely on the numbers they give you to be realistic.   

Stick to the Plan  

Work with the renovator or builder to determine what you can do with your budget. Then, after you have determined on a scope for your project, you’ve got to stick to the plan. Resist the temptation to redo and extra space or change directions mid-stream, even if you’ve got the ability to do those things. A lot of times, this will delay the project and can result in losing subcontractors.   

Assemble a Great Team as Soon as Possible  

Your team could actually make or break your renovation experience, from interior designer to architect to builder.   

You should begin the process by looking for the right professionals. Thoroughly vet your top prospects and you should always ask to speak with their references. You also have to ensure that you feel a high level of comfort with them and confidence in their organization, integrity, communication, ability, and experience.   

Questions to Ask a Siding Contractor

Installing new siding for your house is a huge project. That is why you should not take it lightly. Aside from influencing the curb appeal and value of your house, it also affects your home’s energy efficiency. Your new siding also affects the ability of your home to withstand the elements.  

When it comes to any siding project, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll have to make is to hire the right contractor. Nowadays, there are tons of options to choose from. Thus, you might have a hard time finding the right one. 

Fortunately, we are here to help you. When hiring a potential Omaha siding company, there are questions you have to ask to know if they’re reliable or not. Here are some of these questions: 

What is Your Process of Getting Rid of Waste? 

This is an important question to ask for the comfort and safety of the project. A reliable siding contractor will bring a bin or dumpster. Then, they should park it on the side of the road. They should not place it on your lawn or driveway. A reliable contractor will use the bin to gather the debris from the project. Once the job is done, they will haul it away. The contractor should not leave any waste on your sidewalk. This is the type of treatment you need when conducting a siding project.  

Do You Provide Any Warranties or Guarantees? 

A reliable siding contractor will always provide some type of guarantee or warranty for their work. Oftentimes, construction projects are unpredictable. This is particularly true when it comes to quality. Mistakes can occur with any contractor. Thus, you’ve got to hire one that will accept the mistakes they made and fix them for free.  

However, you have to keep in mind that contractors only accept warranties if they meet particular conditions.  

Do You Have References? 

Before you sign the contract, you need to request at least 3 different references from the contractor. This is a general rule you have to follow. A reliable contractor will offer you references, even if you did not ask for them. You should not ignore this step. The reason for this is that you’ll have an idea about the contractor’s work ethics by asking his previous clients.  

Do You Have a Local Address? 

It might be hard to get a hold of the contractor if you hire someone from out of state. This is particularly true if there are issues once the job is done. Because of this, professionals always recommend that you hire a local contractor. Aside from availability, a local contractor will be more interested in establishing a long-term working relationship with you since you’re both from the same area.  

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have? 

The contractor that you choose to work with should have at least 5 years of experience installing sidings. Though there is nothing wrong with new contractors, it is always ideal to work with an experienced one. This will help you prevent or minimize issues during the project.  

The Advantages of Attic Insulation

Have you been wondering why your attic needs to be insulated? Well, here are some advantages that you can get from investing in protecting your attic appropriately.   

  1. Save extra cost

Giving your attic the proper insulation provides immense benefit in your home. One advantage of investing in attic insulation is energy conservation. It has been said that a home can save at most 60% when it is adequately insulated; however, if it is not, it can only save energy for at most 30%. This may not sound convincing at all if we are going to talk about numbers and percentages; however, if you apply this to your residential space, you will observe a significant drop in your electricity bill the next time you receive it.   


  1. Increase your and your family’s comfort

Another significant advantage in properly insulating your attic is comfort. A house that is not adequately protected is too hot in the summer and can be too cold in the winter. If you want to ensure that you and your family are comfortable, you are spending only a few hours after work or school or staying the whole day on the weekends.   


If you have a kid who has a room upstairs, he may suffer more than you do. This can happen because he is nearer to the uninsulated area, which is your attic.   


  1. Beneficial to the environment

Every homeowner is conscious of how money is spent. If you are already convinced in properly insulating your home after reading the first advantage, saving something every month due to conserving energy may bring you many benefits. But did you know that by doing so, you are also helping the environment thrive? Given that your family is now consuming a lesser amount of energy, this leads to a lesser need for power plants worldwide.   


  1. Air Quality  

If you have family members who are sensitive to smells and are very vulnerable to illnesses, you may want to pay extra attention to your home’s air quality. By taking note of the quality of air in your property, you can also decrease your expenses from medical-related visits to the hospital as well as keeping your family safe.   


  1. Protect the structure of your home

If you think you will only be ditching the extra heat in the summer once you invest in getting your home properly insulated, did you know that you can also prevent any damage to the structure of the house you live in? Yes! Having your attic properly insulated eliminates the chances of moisture buildup. Moisture buildup has a ton of problems that tag along with it. Thus, keeping away from moisture problems is the best way to prevent many issues from arising.   


Do you have concerns regarding anything in your home that may be solved by properly insulating your space? If you do, never hesitate to call the experts in the field of insulation. You can also easily connect with them through!