An ice dam in your roof can bring a lot of problems in the future, that’s why it is necessary to have it removed and not piled up for long.  


So, in what ways can you successful remove an ice dam in your home’s roof? 

  1. Get rid of the source of the problem

 Knowing the problem on how he ices dam has formed and the source of where it came rom is crucial in solving an ice dam problem. If you are to skip this step, you will most likely a have the same problem all the time. Use a rake to get rid of the snow that has piled up on your roof. You can easily do the task through the use of a rake that can be retracted. This is essential to keep your safety in mind. Through using a rake that can be retracted to a certain number of lengths, you can do the tsk while you are on the ground and not risking your safety through using ladders and any other means for you to reach the snow on your roof. 


Take note that you should do the process in a vertical motion because doing a horizontal moon may damage the shingles of your roof.  


  1. Chip away

 If you do not have access to a retractable rake, grab a ice pick to get the job done. You can also use a crowbar if you do not have a retractable rake or a hatchet if it’s the only thing you have around. Since, you are doing the task with a shorter equipment, you will need an adder to reach the top of your roof. Make sure that when you use the ladder, it is highly stable on the ground.  


You can start chipping the ice from the gutter part of your roofing because it is the most reachable area. Moreover, starting at the gutter will also provide more convenience when the ice starts melting because it will then give way for the melted ice to flow.  


  1. Lean into chemical options

 If you do not want to put much effort or strength into removing the ice dam from your roof, using a chemical o de-ice the buildup on your roof is also a good option. You can easily find these products from hardware stores and can be in a crystal or tablet form. If you are not sure what to do, you can take advantage of the instruction on the packaging it came with.  


4. Use warm water

This solution may not handle the overall concern however it can easily get rid of the ice that you poured into. Warm or boil some water and get a spray to put it in. Through using a sprayer, you can easily introduce the hot water to the area of concern.  

Through the use of these methods, your ice dam issue in your roof can be easily addressed. Whatever method you take advantage of, you can get the job done.  

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